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Logistics made simple by streamlined solutions

Logistics & Supply Chain

The procurement, storage and distribution of raw materials as well as finished and semi-finished products is becoming ever more complex. One major challenge is the cost-efficient integration of a growing number of suppliers into the manufacturing process.

Sophisticated concepts are needed to accommodate all these factors and requirements in a seamlessly functioning procurement, production and delivery process. Thus our logistics solutions are not just streamlined, they also embody a cogent response to the particular circumstances. After all, the concept of “logistics” comes from “logic”. Our products and services take full account of the increasingly complex needs and the demand among customers for tailored solutions. We work closely with our clients in developing purpose-made concepts and refining supply chain management processes. Our customers thus enjoy all the benefits of a single contact partner and one-stop shopping. The comprehensive, single-source logistics solutions provided by Gondrand marry convenience with flexibility.

We offer over 140’000 m² of specialist warehousing at locations throughout Europe. Our logistics centres are equipped with fully and partially automated high-bay and block storage systems. We also deliver customized solutions for various industries, e.g. the co-packaging of cosmetics or the specialist handling and storage of hazardous chemicals. All logistics centres offer a full range of value-added services.

As your partner for the optimization and consolidation of goods flows, our initial focus is on company- and needs-specific counselling.
We then proceed to relieve you of specific logistical tasks or even assume full responsibility for co-ordinating your goods flows. Our IT support and networking services enable us to improve the information flows while boosting goods supply and delivery capacities.

We shall help you increase the productivity and efficiency of your supply chain processes and identify ways of reducing costs. At the same time, our innovative software will allow efficient and proactive start-to-finish monitoring of your supply chain – throughout procurement, production and distribution, and even during after-sales operations.

Our logistics services include:

Inventory and order management
Pick & Pack
Palletization and labelling
Price tagging
Dangerous goods handling and storage
Temperature-controlled infrastructure
Quality control
Just-in-time delivery
National and international distribution
EDI interfaces
Automatic e-mail services
Tracking and tracing

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